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If you request it, we will send you a copy of your information  that we have collected.

By its nature, the internet is not 100% secure and although we take care to protect your information, we cannot be held responsible for misuse of it by 3rd parties.

Registration Forms & E-mails:

There are no registration forms on this website. This website does not collect or retain any personally identifying information. 

If you register on a web form or send us an email, we ask for information such as names, email address, contact numbers & addresses – if you don’t provide something then it may prevent us from providing that service – some information will be required in order for you to access different services that we provide. Our parent company is registered under the UK Data Protection Act.

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This website may sometimes make use of cookies especially where we are using an analytics program to monitor visitor behaviour & site usage;


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If you want to, you can restrict or block cookies for our sites using your web browser settings, but that might reduce some functionality for the site.

Disabling Cookies on a Browser.

You will have to alter your browser privacy settings and that will depend on which browser you are using – here are the most popular browsers instruction pages.

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Cookies, (you can disable or decline them on your browser) could collect data from you, or where we analyse visitor statistics we could identify other personal information such as your IP address, but mainly it’s not too personal and just boring statistics and we use them to try to improve the website performance and your experience as a visitor.

However, certain applications or 3rd Party links may use cookies so you should be aware that cookies could be on the site – you should check the privacy & terms/conditions of any 3rd party links to understand their cookie policy

Use of Personal information

This website does not collect or retain any personally identifying information.

If requested by a lawful body, we may have to release your information to local or government authorities.

Corrections / Updates / Policy changes

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